Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greetings from Melissa Cat Burke

Hi my peeps ... Melissa here taking charge of things in the blog [ because my human is not too well informed on the ways of nature and such at the level that I am aware ]

A correction needs to be made on a post from earlier : grasshoppers do not eat ants ... but Gardencat reports that they do seem so to love the peonies ... I had a chance to interview Gardencat this morning and he had this to say : "2 grasshoppers were spotted sunning themselves on the pink peonies this morning ... they asked me to say they love the garden and are planning on staying around for a while ... maybe inviting the relatives over for tea ..."

Also it is my pleasure to announce that the Potatoes have sprouted and are looking healthy.

The Garlic has been growing for 9 months now and is half way to maturity.

Red Clover abounds in the garden as well and a variety of insect species also ... my Nemesis - the Abominable Earwigs - have not returned yet, but I will report when they do so all cats io the Farm can be on alert and know to not sleep outside without their earplugs in.

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