Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good Morning Everyone

Good morning from Seattle. 40 degrees, cloudy, waiting to warm up.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Back Home in Seattle

I'm back home in Seattle ... more details when something happens.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Melissa Cat Burke fears the Summertime

this guy above and his friends like to roost on
these guys below in the summertime

the yarrow grow just outside the back door and when the earwigs come out at night (settling on the bright yellow flowers so as to catch small prey that also are attracted to the pretty, fragrant plants) I am afeared that the awful bugs will come inside while I sleep and crawl in my brain and lay their eggs and make me go insane then kill me slowly as they eat my brains ... for this reason I fear the summertime ...
I was a new-born kitten last summer and in my first nighttime exploration outside I saw the hideous monsters sitting on the flower-tops ... I quickly went back inside and did not go out at night until the first snowfall ...
now I am a year-old cat and I have imagined all kinds of stories in my mind of the dreaded summer-night creatures ... the yarrow will bloom soon and I'm going to face my fears this year and go outside at night and eat all the earwigs I can find ... this will teach them who is Queen of the Castle ... Gardencat is much older than me and thinks me insane.

Miss Butterfly stops by to say "Hi"

The Lovely Miss Butterfly visited the garden today ... twice !

"I love Miss Butterfly;" commented Gardencat, "she always brightens up my day."

Mr McQuackers does a Swim-by

Our favorite feathered friend and the Mrs. did a swim-by this morning ... the famous Mr McQuackers and wife dropped by to say hi and Rivercat was there to greet ...

"I love it when McQuackers comes thru the Farm..." Rivercat replied, "He always brings us tales of his quacky adventures."